Sunday, July 25, 2010

Must Die, must die!

John Tucker
Notes: Surprising that someone like him gives his promiscuous watch to someone like Kate. Somehow he was a big fat liar who loves to hooked-up with every cute girls in school without anyone knows. But I do think it’s cute hehe. So do you think that we should give a chance for someone like John Tucker? But kinda upset at the end of the movie, you tell me about it.
“I like what u say, you say. . . Baby, I only wanna make you happy.” -Nada Surf
The romantic moment spending on the boat and I love it! Ah I hate Kate!!! She’s a legend.
Apa ni? Aku berjiwang-jiwang ni. Lapaaaarr laaa

Al: Dekat mana? Buy me some foods. I’m starving like a crap!
Ae: … (No answer)
Al: (komotkan baju aena for classes) HAHAHHAHAAHAHHAHAHA*evil laughs.
After a few minutes,
Ae: Area Bandar Baru Ampang, nak balik dah ni. OK wait wait.
Al: Sorry Aena. Don’t reply me.
Ae: Kenapa?
Notes: Trouble! Get to iron them back. I think that’s it for today and I’m afraid that I will make a big fool of myself since I overtaking a ‘rindu rendam’. Later. ‘rindu rendam’ tu apa? Orang Johor, please don’t make that weirdo face.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Twisted Religious

A: From your basic knowledge, who’s the creator that makes us?

K: There’s a lot of method and theory that we can use. Let say a dust. Do you ever think that a dust can turns into a human?

A: HAHA. A dust? Can we talk about something else that won’t be related to nature? But, from Quran we came from sand, different type of sand. That’s why we don’t have the same color texture of skin.

K: Bullshit! HAHAHAH then we came from a dirty part and we had been stepped by idiots. HAHAHHAHA

A: No! It’s true, I bet. You talking about sciences and sciences also come from the theory of Islam and I know you knowing that.

The other issues

K: If at the end of the day, there is no such thing about religious. What do you feel on that time?

A: Oh I would have my naked dance since there is nothing to worries about. Like you said there’s no such thing about religious and that means no heaven and no hell. And I will proudly say ‘Hell yeah Thank God!!'

K: HAHAHA But you had lost many of the best part.

A: Which part?

K: ‘Nikmat hidup’.

A: You mean like get drunk, having sex and gambling? FOYA-FOYA, get havoc tak tentu pasal?

K: Oh yeah.

A: NO! If not based on Islam pun, there is no good for taking them. Even non-Muslim also avoid them for their own sake kan kan?


A: OK. Now, how about yours? bila dah kiamat, then dapat tahu Islam tu betul WUJUD?

K: Menyesal gilaa lahhh. . .!

A: WOOOO. Then why don’t you just find the truth and beauty of Islam? One night, I been prayed for giving a good to everyone around me then it’s really happened! It’s a miracle and I’m not exaggerating here.

K: It’s just a consideration. Yfwjefhwevyverjl; grjeggkwrejgw4eygwr; gjwgy43ebpo; e48g4ehg4eeghreger

(He end-up the conversation with his long philosophical and yes he is LIBERAL and RADICAL for sure. Frankly, he’s good. *sigh. I never thought that I’m going to have a brother-in-law like him Haha whatever felt sorry and pray for him. Amin)

We had a long journey with a long conversation. I cried thinking that I’m stupid that don’t have an enough evidence for dumping him and I’m not that good for talking about this. You know what I mean. Hey, he didn’t know that I was crying and I know that’s lame! We didn’t hate for each other, just this is one of our favorite part that we love to do. Actually, it’s a long story to tell about. Unfortunately, I forgot them all, tu lah banyak sangat termakan semut. AHA this ant case is also truth; my lab teacher had told me once one of my friends played with an ant on her hand in Chemistry. (Shakila, I will never forget about your myth “semut masuk hutan” and I miss your hairy-hands too HEHEHEHE jokes!)

Friday, July 23, 2010

English should be fun.
“See? That is why I want you all to read a lot. At least you know something that someone else doesn’t know. But in your case, I suggest you to watch Discovery channel”
-Mrs. Yusni
Tell me more madam! We love to hear to your stories. Oh yes, I wore robe last Friday and my lecturer called me Malika! Well, thank you sir.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sneak it out!

I just got a call from someone. Maybe it was just a beginning for someone who loves to sneaking-out at late night. I won't do that anymore and would tell my parents every time when I'm going out, maybe not in a certain circumstances. *sigh

OK here's the thing. Frankly, I miss FIFA alot. I keep watching the videos every bloody second and I will turn busted when I hear their songs. yes yes yes ok SHUT UP!
I wish when I get back to college, I will not going to talk about football anymore. Somehow, I'm not as happy as usual there, I miss those moment when we walked together go to classes and talk.
I admitted, I envy with you guys for being together at night :(

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I'm going back to college tomorrow, how sad. Somehow, I'm going to miss you football and Kayu hehee. See you guys next 4 years yah however I'm getting taller 4 inches too and the biggest changes will happen, I wish.

"Disappear disappear current appearance! Don't come back after 4 years!"
The End.

Actually, I feel annoyed when I used to carry my hideous bag with a load of books and walk scrumpy in front of LT, eat the same foods at cafeteria and wake-up at 6.45 am and need to confront with the annoying people everyday (yes, you know who you are) and bla bla bla plus the registration systems are so poor, damn it!

Fortunately, I still having a thousand of fun there with my lovely peps (the havoc ones!). Having a good conversation and doing some stupid things there are what I missed a lot.

Fairuziah, I miss you
Musfirah , a good neighbor
Qistina, meatball
Aisyah, mummy kitty
Ain, 'MPP dahsyat'

See you on Monday and I'll show you some moves of the 'hakuna matata' dance.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So Long GERMS!

they are cute. not like Germany players *no heart feelings

Huahahahah Finally! Thank you Spain. Thanks for kicking-out the Evil Germany. Loew, you can kiss Spain's asses goodbye. Now, lets together rejoice the final match on this 12 July without germs. However, I am in 'the mood' back. Messi must be insanely happy right this moment, screaming out-loud over there celebrating the joys beyond this especially hes the split-of-Barcelona kan kan? Haha. Waiittt, the thing is I still can watch the next FIFA! Thank God, maybe this just happened because of my luck. muahahah

can you hear me?

*I'm still wondering of my unexpected interest somehow
and I'm tired of my 'hakuna-matata' dance just now since its Africa dude!

Wavin' Flag!

with PRIDE,

Argentina welcomed home like champions.
(Fans celebrate the return of Argentina from South Africa)

got to go, laterrr (the match, remember?)

Germany Sucksss!

Today is my lifeless day ever. why must Germany? why must they won, damn it! I felt sorry for Argentina. Kinda 'berkabung' for the battle and I cried the shit out of me for the whole night without stopped asking why? why? and why? Now I know how people used to feel about football, seriously.
Germany players are typically Yahudi look alike for sure with their dame eyes and the tall-nose erhh. Eventhough I love their Movies but it doesn't mean that I have to love their football, excuse me mua. I'm hoping this semi-final, Spain is going to knock-down the tricky Germany. Go go Spain! And you too Argentina, I will always supporting you guys no matter what, cheers.

I love you badly, Messi

Notes: I stalk the shit out of him. Now, I'm stalking him on
And I will not going to watch FIFA anymore if Germany win, I bet.

Friday, July 2, 2010


SHIT. I'm so in love with these guys. Hell fucking cute, a well known men in the world and I'm not exaggerating here. (p/s: read this in slow motion mode, however in the romantic mood with a horny face) I love your movement. The kick, the jump, the courage that you shown in every match that I''ve been watching.
Ahhhh I'm being such a psycho asshole right now. You guys may sing this song for sure "Why you so obsessed with me?"
I wish I could be your gf! yeah, but I'm too broke to buy a ticket to your place and find a dictionary of your language. Please someone please help me google-ing as well since there is no way to find a dictionary with ARGENTINA words on them here or maybe. This might sounds bullshit but whatever. Hah I already know the answer for this! Straight look at the top of your page and that's it, IN YOUR DREAMS!

Messi (10)

Javier Pastora (23)

Heinze (6)

Yes, I am a big fan of Argentina. Hell yeah!

Finally, I dated him in my bloody 13 hours slept. heaheahea
We do look great together, don't we?