Friday, November 26, 2010

Me and sisters were watching Korean movies. ARRR I'm so bored! hey hey finally, it's semester break! and Alhamdulilah I was good in answering the papers eventhough the others keep complaining it's quite tough. yeah its pretty hard especially in costing and i don't know what I've been answering it hihi. just pray for the result soonest :)
What makes me mad now is I only have a month to spend at home without assignments, books and calculator. ;( Now, I am busy preparing purses for Kudeta (Infoshop) and also planning for my parents anniversary on this 25 December. cool huh, the date is just on the same date with Christmas. we, Muslim also wanna have the fun toooo kan, bweekk! Sisters just let me do it since I'm the one who really wants to plan for it and i wanna make it 'huge', I mean HUGE!. Bake Oreo cheesecake or Oreo ice-cream cake by my own. thinking about decorations for the party. Literally, I hope my holidays gonna be a blast this time, significant not just like the previous semester breaks. I was a big fat mad Orge with a massive ass and was doing nothing (makan, tidur, makan, tidur, tidur.. pemalas nak mampus!)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

tell me about it,,
(gambar ini kecil, tekan je dia biar besarr)