Monday, May 31, 2010

why shes not replying my letter. hmm even a message? whats wrong with me? thinking of the tragic ones. enough Alia! let bygone be bygone, you have your own life, focus on them. ahh I don't give a damn and I told you already they won't accept it no matter what!
And AZ, please stop all this shit, I am sick of your stupid game, can you?
HAAAA, I fell so bad. Speak-out-loud to Ae, shes my sister and I should have a respect to her. but this time, she is too much! now, I realized, she just takes from my granted! Sorry,,

Heroes of the year

HHAHA why saya begitu kesah pasal ni? entah, who cares! cerita pasal parents kan?
Supposely, we called her Ma. Since my dad loves to call her out loud, so it brings out MAK! haha sounds quite harsh kan? Its officially (lauched by Zulkafly Abdul Rashid). Rahidah Ali was and always be a great mother and wife. takat pecah punya wanita solehah lah! its true, come and meet her if you want to know her better. she never say Ahh to Ayah. seriously!, and she is good laughter hahahhaha Mak, I miss your laugh :(
Ayah, we used, always called him that. When I was a kid, I used to hate his bunkface (talk-face!)
*pernah dengar cerita tok imam, the son and his father? yes, macam tu lah! ahaha
And i miss your zaman 40-an. You are stronger before. mak cooked everyday without penat and letih. cooked puri, pizza, pie and delicious ones. we rather not to go out since Mak and Ayah are fanatical about this mealtime-is-family-thing. I miss the moments when we always had the big lunch together. auuuauuauuauuuu. Thanks PARENTS! :) meantimes, you both are the only person that I'm pretty sure to break all the tongues :)

Hello Brace-face!

I love people with braces, cute kan kan? :E)