Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh, Man

"Life is what happens when you're busy making the other plans"

John Lennon

Notes: Khalil reminds me to JL. bodoh laa, kenapalah mesti kau?

apa macam? ada brann

yes, you are the cocky dude!

I don't get it. why boys out there never stop making girls fall onto them but obviously they are just not into them? tell me about it and especially this one guy that knew about two months, like dating him? no! was knowing him is not the same person that I met. this guy is really sick!
start dating and meeting girls in a bloody two weeks or more, and once u feel bored with, what you have to do is leaving them. oh the best word is ignoring! yeah it is cool, isn't it? is that your mighty brightly tradition huh? or maybe this kind of person is having a major shit with their life or with the girls he met but obviously, oh i am not blaming the girl just it is still happen today and i feel sorry :(
And you man, oh I hate to say this and I used to hate this words but this time I am proud to say this " you are deserve to suck your own dick dude!" Trust me, you will, someday and on that time, the girls and I only can make a toast.
feeling boredom?
just enjoy writings
its fun and stress-less
in any circumstances
just bring a pen and a note
note them
after that
read them
do it often
at the same time
you will enjoy readings too.
Trust me
Good Luck!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Swearing, profanity, expletives-a good old cuss. Maybe these words aren't such a good idea in some places such as crosswords or kindergarten but when amongst friends, its perfectly acceptable to have a mouth like one.
yes, I'm the one who especially love to
6 RIBU?! kepala hotak lah, cari lain.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Art For Grabs!

I got back at 10.30 pm from Art for Grabs at Annex Gallery, Centre Market. Oh and I’m so damn tired, walking about an hour to get back here. But it’s okay, still yet I had a great time spending there, sitting and get to know the ‘talks’. Voting for the fake ministers is the thrilling moment! It was like the manifesto at my college last semester. And it was an awesome event ever! Hishamuddin Rais also having his book launching; ‘Tapai’ and there is a lot of diy stuffs. I felt so bad since I didn’t bring enough money to buy another book, beautiful crafts and missed the Hishamuddin’s talk. Khalil and the others were having a booth for two days. However, I still got a book. It seems interested by its cover and the contents are interested too! I had read a page and the words are such a lovely for sure written by David Leo, a Singaporean telling about his uniquely country. We kicked the event! But at sudden, I was not in the mood and what I was thinking is about to go home as soon as possible so I just obeyed with my thought. Now, I feel sleepy and I just miss my bed, oh dear!

I had a bad night

Watching terrible TV
It kills all thought
Getting spacier than
An astronaut
Making out with people
I hardly know or like
I can't believe what I do
Late at night
I wanna know what it's like
On the inside of love
I'm standing at the gates
I see the beauty above
Only when we get to see
The aerial view
Will the patterns show
We'll know what to do
I know the last page so well
I can't see the first
So I just don't start
It's getting worse
I can't find my way in
I try again and again
I'm on the outside of love
Always under or above
Must be a different view
To be a me with a you
Of course I’ll be alright
I just had a bad night

Friday, June 18, 2010

H for Holidays

Today, I woke up at 9 because someone called me. Last night I called them a zillion times but they are not picked it up. But this morning her boyfriend called me telling that she’s always be with him so please no worries. Ah I don’t give a damn anymore since I was in my so not wonderful dream so I hung-up. demm! Then I am not feeling like going to sleep back so I knock-down find something to eat. There is nothing except lauk kenduri KakTeh yesterday and there is nothing to do except just have to grab them for my breakfast, lunch and for dinner, feeling like to vomit them out of my bloody belly! At 10, I watched cartoon. It such a nice movie until I asleep oh oh nooo! Ah nice shoot. ;O
Holiday. What is in your head when you hear the word? Are you thinking about a vacation? A vacancy? Else? Hm to me, it such a wonderful moment that always, have had, been waiting by a boring person like me! At first I was thinking about working, you know earn some money for something but its not going to happened since I am a bad lazzy mad person. My mum said that I should earn the money in an exciting way. It would be so boring if you keep doing the same thing everyday like working at the shopping mall, as a promoter girl. “Why don’t you just sit home and making a purse then sell them. It would make a big profit rather than the money spends for the transportation fees”. I agree with her anyway. And I could run a tuition as a private tuition at home, welcoming my brother and his friends to come. Read some awesome books and searching for a knowledgeable blogs since I love streaming at home. Sit and read loaded of newspaper at the corner of my mum’s room. Knowing about the politics, nature, religions things and some tips for anything that blending-in with life. Go to museums, art galleries, festivals and some places. However, I used to envy with my sister and her Tarzan guy. Always got things together and he always having an awesome thrilling ideas for doing something like painting, drawing, making a card and exchanged them almost every week and going to places that was not use to used! Hm however, I am bored with the urban life just like the others teenagers-thing, going to the same places on weekend and meet the same loser 'friend'-people at the same boring places. I used to that too but now I am tired with the routines! I just wanna find and doing something new and make a wonderful moment with them.

Kids attack, not really

Hah I'm in the red one *the shoes. eat them!


We had a lunch at Fish Manhattan,Klcc and spilling the moment at the park (we had to because Yani wanted to.) Eventually, it's not the exact thing that we should make-up since they want to get home early so it's end-up like this. I decided for karaoke but Yaya prefer for movie so after that we had a movie, Killers. However, we really had a great time together right guys? :D HAHA

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I always get along with my sister and his boyfriends' things and I just hated it! Get a life Alia.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Political Strokes!

weigooo. I also get myself to know about politic matters but a non-governmental individual. agak terasa dengan ayat-ayat hishamuddin rais pasal rakyat melayu baru sekarang! tapi saya memang bersetuju dengan dia. sorry lah ayat saya ini terlampau lah baku walaupun masa spm saya dapat B je.. sebagai rakyat melayu kita perlulah sedar dengan pemerintahan di negara kita sama sekali *****!. saya bukan bercakap disini bajet semua saya tahu,saya juga banyak kekurangan tentang fakta isu politik ini. yang saya sempat hanya membaca akhbar, buku dan celotehan mak saya yang tanpa lesen dan dibantah oleh kerajaan sama sekali. tapi saya tahu mana satu yang betul dan yang mana salah. memang terbukti since saya pun menuntut di kolej dibawah kuasaan mara. memang saya tak takut untuk cakap saya bukan lah BN, UMNO atau sepakatan dengannya dekat kawan-kawan saya disini walaupun saya tahu ramai yang setia sebagai anak jati UMNO tetapi bila ditanya sepatah haram pun tak tahu apa yang berlaku di negara kita ni especially rakyat (hanya segelintir sahaja, saya tidak cakap semua). yer itu betul!
ada seorang dari rakan saya cakap" kalau kau tak sokong dengan kerajaan, baik kau keluar lah dari kolej ni!" tengok, macamtu lah respon orang melayu apabila bercakap tentang isu sensitive ini walaupun hanya meberi komen. saya juga hampir bergaduh dengan rakan sebilik dengan saya kerana bangga dengan kerajaan dibawah bimbingan PM kesayangan itu dan tidak suka dengan kutukan saya. so baik saya tidak sentuh isu ini kerana sayang akan hubungan kami. bagi saya pendidikan ini wajib dituntut oleh semua orang muslim didunia ini tidak kira kaya atau pun miskin, maaf saya bukan hendak mengdown-gradedkan orang tapi ini betul. frankly, saya sangat sokong dengan idea mara yang menbuka satu institut untuk belajar bagi membantu rakyat yang tidak mampu kerana itu memang tanggungjawab kerajaan bagi melahirkan anak muda yang berfikiran secara'berilmu' tetapi ada juga saya berfikir kenapa kerajaan membuat juga pinjaman bagi pelajar yang ingin memasuki manamana U pun? bagi saya juga, pelajar yang ingin belajar dinegara ini sepatutnya diberi percuma kerana itu salah satu daripada ibadah bagi orang islam dan bukan ke memberi prkhidmatan secara percuma itu suatu sedekah? berbalik pada kes bertikam lidah dengan rakan saya tadi, hello! saya sebagai rakyat negara ini ada hak untuk belajar dibawah mana2 pun institusi walaupun dibawah kekuasaan kerajaan dan mereka wajib menyediakan saya perkhidmatan tersebut. dan untuk saya bercakap tentang kesah nya saya tentang isu kerajaan kita ini, itu jugak had saya untuk bersuara sebagai rakyat dan dibawah pemerintahan yang bersifat DEMOKRATIK. ceh demokratik konon!! habis tu kenapa adanya ISA itu?! kata kebebasan bersuara. kalau macam ni macam mana negara kita dapat membangun dengan tenteram aman damai kalau komen dan suara rakyat tidak diambil pusing dan mengfitnah kita derhaka pula. bukan kan 'memberi dan menerima satu amalan yang baik? walhal benda betul dan boleh pula dihumban kepada sesiapa yang menentang dan membangkang masuk ke ISA. terus terdiam rakan saya itu. sorry yeh H. saya bukan nak bergaduh apa , saya hanya cakap benda yang betul dan jangan sekali sebagai rakyat pura-pura buat tak ambil pusing dengan keburukan kerajaan kita dan jangan sesekali juga kita menjadi orang melayu yang BODOH! disebabkan oleh satu perasaan iaitu TAKUT akan mereka. ada dan mana pergi duit rakyat yang selama ini dikumpulkan? perlukah semua itu dibelanjakan untuk memberi alatan senjata dan kapal selam yang hanya dapat menyelamatkan segelintir orang dinegara ini? terfikir juga saya adakah kapal selam itu dapat dipenuhkan dengan rakyat kita ini apabila berlaku sebarang kecelakaan? percayalah ia hanya akan dimuatkan dengan orang-orang yang bersetongkol dalam niat yang hanya membuang duit sahaja! dan saya meluat dengan slogan kat 1 malaysia dan jugak negara maju kita ni. mana? mana maju nya? salah satu nye adalah keperluan asas rakyat iaitu makanan. makanan adalah salah satu keperluan asas manusia! kenapa mereka sibuk kata negara kita sudah maju tetapi terdapat ramai juga rakyat kita merana akibat kemiskinan dan tiada makanan. satu organisasi yang saya tahu salah satunuya adalah 'Food Not Bombs'. organisasi ini adalah satu organisasi kecil yang...... ala tengok tadi baru kawan saya call saya then mood nak menulis hilang terus. tak pelah nanti tulis lagi eh jap jap saya pun tertanya-tanya kenapa sya tetiba berbahasa melayu baku apabila bercakap is-isu ni hahhaa

Just finished a powerfully moving story of the lonely and dispossessed, Of Mice and Men is the one of John Steinbeck's best-known and most popular books.
The book was telling George and his large, simple-minded friend Lennie are drifters, with nothing in the world except each other- and a dream. A dream that one day they will have some land of their own, somewhere to settle and live in peace. Finding work on a ranch in California's Salinas Valley, they hope to stay long enough to get some money together. But kind-hearted, childlike Lennie is prone to getting into trouble (got to do with his future rabbits!)- unable to control either his emotions or his enormous strength, well he's just like a big baby to me. he is a target for the casual cruelty of others. And when disaster strikes again since he always makes a big trouble, it seems that this time George may not be able to save his friend so he makes unexpected action that killed Lennie by shooting him back of his head!
You see, it was a touchable story for sure, I cried at the last bloody page when George was cried in the bushes mourning Lennie that was lying near to the pond. Yeah I know I know I'm such an emotional person.
Still I've got messages from this story:
First! the friends travels together and George won't ever let Lennie live in the cave himself even though his friend is not bright, dumpy one who always wanted to tend rabbits and pups. This also shows the true meaning of friendships. George had to killed Lennie with a reason - he could not stand to watch his friend suffer.
Second, despite he always got trouble with the hell friend, George still has to take care of Lennie even since he already promised to Aunt Clara, Lennie's aunt.
And lastly is about men - just like Slim said "A guy got to sometimes" after Lennie got killed by George. A man possibly do the craziest thing, unexpected thing like women will never know in many way.