Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I wish this time will be the time that I will achieved my weight goal at 57kgs! NO MORE EXCUSES ALIA!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I think I am in friend-love with you

I have a confession to make. I think I am in friend love with you. I don't want to date you or even make out with you because that would be weird. I just so desperately want you to think that I am this super-awesome person because I think you are a super-awesome person and I want to spend a lot of time hanging out with you. I want to facebook-chat with you after midnight, I want you to text me to hang out in a platonic way, of course. I want you to @reply to each other's tweets and reblog each other's tumblr reblogs because what you find to be beautiful, funny and heartbreaking in this world is what I find to be beautiful, funny and heartbreaking in this world. And when we do hang out, I don't want to swap saliva, I just want to swap favourite books. I want our hello/goodbye hugs to be a few beats longer than a casual friends hug but never so long that it becomes a lover's embrace. And if we were to be sitting on the same couch watching a movie, I might lean my left arm just a little bit against your right arm but never would I put my head on your shoulder or try to hold your hand because that would be weird. So please, before I completely lose my mind, can you surprise me with pokes on facebook? Can you email me weird blog links that remind me of you? Can you text me when something crazy happens on the tv show we are both watching and let me walk with you to your favourite food truck? In return, I will laugh at all your jokes (even the unfunny ones)  and find the best hole-in-the-wall cafes for us to have never-ending conversation in. I will make bad photoshop drawings commemorating our hang-outs and every single one of our internet meme cat jokes will be referenced to in the birthday cards I will draw for you every year. Believe me or not, I wouldn't be sad if you are already in a romantic relationship. As a matter of fact, I would be really happy for you because thats what friends are for. But if your super-awesome close friend quota has already reached its capacity, then that would really break my friend heart into a million pieces. Maybe you don't feel the same friend-love that I feel for you. After all, we only have so much time in this world to only have so many friends. Well, anyway thanks for reading this. I hope you are doing well. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nicest thing

All I know is that you're so nice. You're the nicest thing I've seen.
I wish that we could give it a go. See if we could be something.
I wish I was your favourite girl. I wish you thought I was the reason you are in the world. I wish my smile was your favourite kind of smile.I wish the way that I dressed was your favourite kind of style.
I wish you couldn't figure me out but you always wanna know what I was about.
I wish you'd hold my hand when I was upset.
I wish you'd never forget the look on my face when we first met.
I wish you had a favourite beauty spot that you loved secretly 'cause it was on a hidden bit that nobody else could see.
Basically, I wish that you loved me,I wish that you needed me.
I wish that you knew when I said two sugars, actually I meant three.
I wish that without me your heart would break.
I wish that without me you'd be spending the rest of your nights awake.
I wish that without me you couldn't eat.
I wish I was the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep.

Look, all I know is that you're the nicest thing I've ever seen,
And I wish that we could see if we could be something

Sunday, January 2, 2011

drawing in the fog

Russian Red wannabe, jokin! Don’t get me wrong though. I’m remarkably comfortable in my own skin. To find beauty in your own face, your own body, your own being, isn’t the easiest thing for us girls. But try your very hardest to find the beauty you possess. Because its there, my friend. It’s so there.

This first sketching, I wanted to draw an old woman with her beloved plastic-sweating bag full with her grandchildren shirts. Unfortunately, it becomes like a mid-age woman who bought vegetables and holding umbrella worried the rain might falls.

This is my favourite. a young girl laughs after played her favourite game with her friends.
(not done yet- something wrong with the hair)

This time, I used Jessica Stam as a model for my sketching. She amazed me though; she's not good in height but she is one of models who gets a better and qualified as a professional in the modeling and fashion industries. this picture is the best shot in promoting Kenzo adv. the position of the hand is good and what I love most is the accessory that hanging nicely at her blonder hair

was painted this then I ended my secondary school and this is my first comic sketching. tak cantik pun but I should keep it up on the next :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It almost 4 am and I couldn't get my eyes close or maybe I just got a nap just evening. Today, I'd read my 13, 14, 15,16, 17, 18 years old diaries and I'd never missed one. how dramatic I was hahhaha haaa gelak macam orang gila sampai nangis-nangis uuuuhh seriously, you have no idea what I'd been through like nuisance and surprising, I also invented a new 'alphabets' for my diaries.-out of fear that some people read.

And, this is not about new year, this is about how strong we are in facing everything that has happened; even rough and thin ones and it depends on us how do we solve the problem that befall. Another reason you should be sad off because you've been a great girl or woman within this year; eventhough to yourself or the other part- others would hate you like hell. I am very glad that I just got what I should have; God, family and bestfriends with lotsa lotsa love.

And you know you are a Woman when....

As a girl you used to dress for the boys. kan kan kan
As a woman you will dress for other women and yourself.

As a girl you used to look for a job that will make you happy; and of course I will do that, who wouldn't?
As a woman you will find happiness in your work, whatever it is (err I will take a note and consider it soon he he)

As a girl you used to go for the cutest guy a girl like you could find.
As a woman you will go for the smartest guy ( oh and maybe cute a little-because I am so not care) a woman like you can find.

As a girl you used to get by with fast food, slimming belts and four hours of sleep (just like me now)
As a woman you will watch your diet, exercise regularly and make sure you rest well.

that girl was me, I was 62kg at my 14 ages! Imagine that, how fat I was and now people would ask me, "how on earth you get this thin?" and I'm like, " Actually, I'm not thin. I look skinny maybe because I am good in height which at 172cm currently and I love to wear something loose and slob or maybe I have a long hair that I might look....." ok cut-off all the humbleness Alia because I know you were screaming in your brain like " hell yeaaahhhhhh!". OK. here's the real, I have a huge hips and it looks like 'labu sayong' ( Y ) <--(this probably look like boobs but seriously folks, I just wanna show you my annoying humps. can you get it, its humps kan?)

here's the picture of me

huwalaa. and a friend of mine was crazy about it! ;D nangis

As a girl you used to shop, shop and, er shop.
As a woman you will earn, budget, shop and save.

Just like Musfy told me what Will Smith says about money. "Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like". Obviously, there is a lotsa lotsa people doing that kind of thing. And also what Shamira said, "Stop chasing trend because trend won't love you back". and I am hundred percent agreed with that. beside, they just ruin yourself and make your life miserable. I'm just saying.

As a girl you used to argue or give in; bluster and fight.
As a woman you will speak-up or compromise; listen and apologize.

Unfortunately, girls rarely realize how valuable family and friends are until they are gone. It happened to me when I always wanted to lari rumah like "Arghhh benci benci nak lari rumah, tak nak balik daaa". aduhh hey hey hey it was okay but like alwayssssss! ha ha ha

Woman, however, learn to hang on to the good people in their lives in spite of all their little disagreements - the world is a nasty place full of liars and users and manipulators, yes manipulators!, and you take what you can get. if that means making compromises now and then, so be it. And if it means walking away to save yourself grief, so be it, too.

Revised back all just happened and I also been intended by some people say, 'mostly, people won't even realized what mistakes they did and people won't learn from mistakes'. Its not about others, it is about yourself. so now I'm gonna pull-off the words and start with the new one like when anything bad just happened and you don't even mean to be with it, just tell this to yourself,:
"That was a humbling experience, and that is what defines a woman to me: humility".
trust me and you can get even better :)

And now I know, on the journey of life just find someone as normal as you. if not a whole bunch :) For those who has a few friends like me, don't even bother it anymore as long as you are happy and good in your amount. yaaaaaayyy

Monday, December 27, 2010

I had a dream
That I could fly from the highest swing.
I had a dream.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Parents' Anniversary -24th December 2010

Finally :) Thanks Lord, everything was perfect as we planed. the night was a blast to all of us and they appreciated it alottt! the party and balloons are wonderful and we really had a nice moment together.

the preparation..

Homemade Oreo Ice-cream cake. was made by me, Aena, Athirah and Nareisha. thanks for keep it storage at your house or else it will not be a surprise as we planed. (alaa lagipun senang je nak buat, x payah nak berlagak haha)

the giant cards

Happy Anniversary Mak and Ayah. Congratulation to both of you :)

the party.
Vany looks cool with his nice yellow bow haha