Friday, June 18, 2010

H for Holidays

Today, I woke up at 9 because someone called me. Last night I called them a zillion times but they are not picked it up. But this morning her boyfriend called me telling that she’s always be with him so please no worries. Ah I don’t give a damn anymore since I was in my so not wonderful dream so I hung-up. demm! Then I am not feeling like going to sleep back so I knock-down find something to eat. There is nothing except lauk kenduri KakTeh yesterday and there is nothing to do except just have to grab them for my breakfast, lunch and for dinner, feeling like to vomit them out of my bloody belly! At 10, I watched cartoon. It such a nice movie until I asleep oh oh nooo! Ah nice shoot. ;O
Holiday. What is in your head when you hear the word? Are you thinking about a vacation? A vacancy? Else? Hm to me, it such a wonderful moment that always, have had, been waiting by a boring person like me! At first I was thinking about working, you know earn some money for something but its not going to happened since I am a bad lazzy mad person. My mum said that I should earn the money in an exciting way. It would be so boring if you keep doing the same thing everyday like working at the shopping mall, as a promoter girl. “Why don’t you just sit home and making a purse then sell them. It would make a big profit rather than the money spends for the transportation fees”. I agree with her anyway. And I could run a tuition as a private tuition at home, welcoming my brother and his friends to come. Read some awesome books and searching for a knowledgeable blogs since I love streaming at home. Sit and read loaded of newspaper at the corner of my mum’s room. Knowing about the politics, nature, religions things and some tips for anything that blending-in with life. Go to museums, art galleries, festivals and some places. However, I used to envy with my sister and her Tarzan guy. Always got things together and he always having an awesome thrilling ideas for doing something like painting, drawing, making a card and exchanged them almost every week and going to places that was not use to used! Hm however, I am bored with the urban life just like the others teenagers-thing, going to the same places on weekend and meet the same loser 'friend'-people at the same boring places. I used to that too but now I am tired with the routines! I just wanna find and doing something new and make a wonderful moment with them.