Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Art For Grabs!

I got back at 10.30 pm from Art for Grabs at Annex Gallery, Centre Market. Oh and I’m so damn tired, walking about an hour to get back here. But it’s okay, still yet I had a great time spending there, sitting and get to know the ‘talks’. Voting for the fake ministers is the thrilling moment! It was like the manifesto at my college last semester. And it was an awesome event ever! Hishamuddin Rais also having his book launching; ‘Tapai’ and there is a lot of diy stuffs. I felt so bad since I didn’t bring enough money to buy another book, beautiful crafts and missed the Hishamuddin’s talk. Khalil and the others were having a booth for two days. However, I still got a book. It seems interested by its cover and the contents are interested too! I had read a page and the words are such a lovely for sure written by David Leo, a Singaporean telling about his uniquely country. We kicked the event! But at sudden, I was not in the mood and what I was thinking is about to go home as soon as possible so I just obeyed with my thought. Now, I feel sleepy and I just miss my bed, oh dear!

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