Wednesday, June 30, 2010

yes, you are the cocky dude!

I don't get it. why boys out there never stop making girls fall onto them but obviously they are just not into them? tell me about it and especially this one guy that knew about two months, like dating him? no! was knowing him is not the same person that I met. this guy is really sick!
start dating and meeting girls in a bloody two weeks or more, and once u feel bored with, what you have to do is leaving them. oh the best word is ignoring! yeah it is cool, isn't it? is that your mighty brightly tradition huh? or maybe this kind of person is having a major shit with their life or with the girls he met but obviously, oh i am not blaming the girl just it is still happen today and i feel sorry :(
And you man, oh I hate to say this and I used to hate this words but this time I am proud to say this " you are deserve to suck your own dick dude!" Trust me, you will, someday and on that time, the girls and I only can make a toast.

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