Saturday, July 10, 2010


I'm going back to college tomorrow, how sad. Somehow, I'm going to miss you football and Kayu hehee. See you guys next 4 years yah however I'm getting taller 4 inches too and the biggest changes will happen, I wish.

"Disappear disappear current appearance! Don't come back after 4 years!"
The End.

Actually, I feel annoyed when I used to carry my hideous bag with a load of books and walk scrumpy in front of LT, eat the same foods at cafeteria and wake-up at 6.45 am and need to confront with the annoying people everyday (yes, you know who you are) and bla bla bla plus the registration systems are so poor, damn it!

Fortunately, I still having a thousand of fun there with my lovely peps (the havoc ones!). Having a good conversation and doing some stupid things there are what I missed a lot.

Fairuziah, I miss you
Musfirah , a good neighbor
Qistina, meatball
Aisyah, mummy kitty
Ain, 'MPP dahsyat'

See you on Monday and I'll show you some moves of the 'hakuna matata' dance.

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