Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So Long GERMS!

they are cute. not like Germany players *no heart feelings

Huahahahah Finally! Thank you Spain. Thanks for kicking-out the Evil Germany. Loew, you can kiss Spain's asses goodbye. Now, lets together rejoice the final match on this 12 July without germs. However, I am in 'the mood' back. Messi must be insanely happy right this moment, screaming out-loud over there celebrating the joys beyond this especially hes the split-of-Barcelona kan kan? Haha. Waiittt, the thing is I still can watch the next FIFA! Thank God, maybe this just happened because of my luck. muahahah

can you hear me?

*I'm still wondering of my unexpected interest somehow
and I'm tired of my 'hakuna-matata' dance just now since its Africa dude!

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