Sunday, July 25, 2010

Must Die, must die!

John Tucker
Notes: Surprising that someone like him gives his promiscuous watch to someone like Kate. Somehow he was a big fat liar who loves to hooked-up with every cute girls in school without anyone knows. But I do think it’s cute hehe. So do you think that we should give a chance for someone like John Tucker? But kinda upset at the end of the movie, you tell me about it.
“I like what u say, you say. . . Baby, I only wanna make you happy.” -Nada Surf
The romantic moment spending on the boat and I love it! Ah I hate Kate!!! She’s a legend.
Apa ni? Aku berjiwang-jiwang ni. Lapaaaarr laaa

Al: Dekat mana? Buy me some foods. I’m starving like a crap!
Ae: … (No answer)
Al: (komotkan baju aena for classes) HAHAHHAHAAHAHHAHAHA*evil laughs.
After a few minutes,
Ae: Area Bandar Baru Ampang, nak balik dah ni. OK wait wait.
Al: Sorry Aena. Don’t reply me.
Ae: Kenapa?
Notes: Trouble! Get to iron them back. I think that’s it for today and I’m afraid that I will make a big fool of myself since I overtaking a ‘rindu rendam’. Later. ‘rindu rendam’ tu apa? Orang Johor, please don’t make that weirdo face.