Saturday, July 24, 2010

Twisted Religious

A: From your basic knowledge, who’s the creator that makes us?

K: There’s a lot of method and theory that we can use. Let say a dust. Do you ever think that a dust can turns into a human?

A: HAHA. A dust? Can we talk about something else that won’t be related to nature? But, from Quran we came from sand, different type of sand. That’s why we don’t have the same color texture of skin.

K: Bullshit! HAHAHAH then we came from a dirty part and we had been stepped by idiots. HAHAHHAHA

A: No! It’s true, I bet. You talking about sciences and sciences also come from the theory of Islam and I know you knowing that.

The other issues

K: If at the end of the day, there is no such thing about religious. What do you feel on that time?

A: Oh I would have my naked dance since there is nothing to worries about. Like you said there’s no such thing about religious and that means no heaven and no hell. And I will proudly say ‘Hell yeah Thank God!!'

K: HAHAHA But you had lost many of the best part.

A: Which part?

K: ‘Nikmat hidup’.

A: You mean like get drunk, having sex and gambling? FOYA-FOYA, get havoc tak tentu pasal?

K: Oh yeah.

A: NO! If not based on Islam pun, there is no good for taking them. Even non-Muslim also avoid them for their own sake kan kan?


A: OK. Now, how about yours? bila dah kiamat, then dapat tahu Islam tu betul WUJUD?

K: Menyesal gilaa lahhh. . .!

A: WOOOO. Then why don’t you just find the truth and beauty of Islam? One night, I been prayed for giving a good to everyone around me then it’s really happened! It’s a miracle and I’m not exaggerating here.

K: It’s just a consideration. Yfwjefhwevyverjl; grjeggkwrejgw4eygwr; gjwgy43ebpo; e48g4ehg4eeghreger

(He end-up the conversation with his long philosophical and yes he is LIBERAL and RADICAL for sure. Frankly, he’s good. *sigh. I never thought that I’m going to have a brother-in-law like him Haha whatever felt sorry and pray for him. Amin)

We had a long journey with a long conversation. I cried thinking that I’m stupid that don’t have an enough evidence for dumping him and I’m not that good for talking about this. You know what I mean. Hey, he didn’t know that I was crying and I know that’s lame! We didn’t hate for each other, just this is one of our favorite part that we love to do. Actually, it’s a long story to tell about. Unfortunately, I forgot them all, tu lah banyak sangat termakan semut. AHA this ant case is also truth; my lab teacher had told me once one of my friends played with an ant on her hand in Chemistry. (Shakila, I will never forget about your myth “semut masuk hutan” and I miss your hairy-hands too HEHEHEHE jokes!)


  1. i think this post is selective to your personal view.
    you are making this dude look like a dumb person by posting selective phrases of the conversation and maybe ignoring the concrete facts.
    and posting the part you remembered which is selective to your personal agendas.

  2. ini mesti aena yang suruh baca.
    memang, i admitted thats all from my personal view which i wrote in my personal blog.
    nobody cares and im happy.
    apa yang ditulis ialah apa yang diingat.
    and i didnt mean to make u feel that way,
    no hard feelings.