Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Germany Sucksss!

Today is my lifeless day ever. why must Germany? why must they won, damn it! I felt sorry for Argentina. Kinda 'berkabung' for the battle and I cried the shit out of me for the whole night without stopped asking why? why? and why? Now I know how people used to feel about football, seriously.
Germany players are typically Yahudi look alike for sure with their dame eyes and the tall-nose erhh. Eventhough I love their Movies but it doesn't mean that I have to love their football, excuse me mua. I'm hoping this semi-final, Spain is going to knock-down the tricky Germany. Go go Spain! And you too Argentina, I will always supporting you guys no matter what, cheers.

I love you badly, Messi

Notes: I stalk the shit out of him. Now, I'm stalking him on
And I will not going to watch FIFA anymore if Germany win, I bet.

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