Monday, September 6, 2010

please don't go

errr where do I start? Well, it been almost a month we fasting and literally do a good deeds with the Ramadhan for sure. So I been thinking about the story of the back people when they come to visit us during this heavenly month.
Actually, I been blinded by something tragic happened long time ago when I was in standard 3 that our love one passed during Ramadhan too. Not just him (the little one- Muhammad Uzair), late grandma, kitties (they just come & go) and the relatives are gone in the same time. Do I need to think that those happened because of a consideration? yes? NO?
I feel so bad when they just come by to visit and see the things happened today and go when the time comes. Somehow, I am not satisfied for having myself in this Ramadhan.

But I'm pretty sure I will be better on the next