Friday, September 17, 2010

I was..

a model,

an editor,
a cheerleader,
ticket bus and movies pun nak simpan
a great stalker,
a paparazzi

a motivator,
a photographer,

and a collector.. my own world.
cannot sleep. find something to trash over but found this. the Burn Book lah sangat. now i want my 15 back!

another two days to go to get back in college. I don't hate my college. i just hated it when people keep talking about my shit; ee selekeh lah kau ni! ee pakai tudung tak matching kaler dengan baju lah. ee jangan pakai ni lahhhh! eee macam orang kampung lah!.
tak layak lah nak cakap macam tu kan. let me get you a mirror if you want to. im not there for flirting, I am studying. let me repeat, STUDYING!